The Future of Pinball Update: Music and Distribution

Some updates with regards to The Future of Pinball:

Music: During pre-production I had scored the film with a lush exotica soundtrack by ’50s bandleader Les Baxter. Unfortunately, licensing that music turned out to be prohibitively expensive and I had to drop it. A savior did come along, however: noted L.A. jazz musician Skip Heller–who in fact formerly worked with Les Baxter–has signed on to create an original soundtrack for The Future of Pinball. With Skip’s help, I’m confident that the film will end up with a memorable soundtrack that will suit it quite well.

Distribution: I recently signed a deal with Solid Entertainment in Los Angeles to handle distribution of my film to television broadcast, cable, and satellite markets. Their experience in these areas will be of huge benefit to the film in expanding its audience beyond the core pinball community. I tried to make a film that anyone could enjoy, and with Solid Entertainment’s help, hopefully “anyone” will have a chance to experience it.

Pinball Expo: I’m going to be speaking at this year’s Pinball Expo in Chicago on Thursday, November 2 at 2pm. I haven’t yet put together a presentation, but most likely I’ll be talking about the creation of the film and I’ll show some highlights from the film as well as a few of the DVD “extras.”

I’ve learned not to make predictions about when the DVD will be released, but I will say that the soundtrack issue was the last major hurdle (at least, it’s the last that I’m currently aware of…) to getting the film out the door. I’ll update as the situation progresses.


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