Fair Game

I was lucky enough to be interviewed yesterday for the PRI program Fair Game about my documentary, TILT. (Download the podcast here.) The show’s host, Faith Salie, earned my admiration for 1) actually watching my film, and 2) conducting a serious, thoughtful interview about it. (Something, I admit, I barely deserve as pretty much an amateur filmmaker…but I appreciated it.) I loved the brilliant introduction:

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Innovate, or die.” But what happens if you innovate and die?

Exactly the film summary that I’d been seeking for years.

I started listening to Fair Game a few weeks ago in preparation for this interview, and I like it. It’s as much like The Daily Show as a program could be while still harboring ambitions to be a real news program. Fair Game, if it doesn’t happen to air on your local NPR affiliate, is downloadable via podcast off of their web site and iTunes.


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