iPhone Hype

Of course, people are lining up everywhere (including me in just a little while). But the media coverage is getting it backwards: what we’re seeing is less the brilliance of Apple–though the iPhone is brilliant–and more the incompetence of every other cell phone manufacturer and carrier. The only way to create this much of a sensation around a phone is to have a population that is dissatisfied with–and indeed, loathes–the phone and phone service they currently have. 


One thought on “iPhone Hype

  1. Apologies for veering off the post topic, but I just stumbled onto your documentary, Tilt, and your blog(s). And, just checking out your bio, it appears a LOT of great things have happened since the last time I saw you in Huntsville!

    Congratulations, congratulations, and more congratulations on everything! I’m looking forward to watching the DVD.

    Take care!

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