Leopard Killer Feature: Time Machine

I know what you’re thinking: Time Machine is just another way to back-up your Mac. John Welch’s well-read post on “Best Leopard Features” even highlights TextEdit’s Word 2007 support, yet overlooks Time Machine.

But Time Machine is more than a backup solution. OS vendors have been shoving new features at us for years with something approaching the shameless irresponsibility of cell phone providers who convince us that cameras and ring tones are more important than reception and usability.

Hard drives crash. Files get lost. We accidentally save over the version of our document that we really needed. These scenarios have been with us so long that we’ve accepted them as inevitable; they’re not. It’s about time that the gargantuan storage space and lightning-fast processors of modern-day computers get turned toward the all-important (a term I don’t use loosely) task of making themselves fool-proof.

Time Machine could turn out to be lousy. Its interface might be annoying; it might not be reliable. But it should never, ever, be possible to lose data. At a minimum, Time Machine is an affirmation of that principle.


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