“Zorro 2110″… Coming to Theaters?

If handed the task, I’m not sure I’d ever come up with a better title for a film than did the makers of Zorro 2110. I haven’t been able to stop whispering it to myself since I discovered it on one of those long, circuitous jaunts through the hyperlinks of IMDB.

The film’s future is apparently in doubt, and for the sake of squandering this title on what will likely be an underwhelming effort, I hope it stays that way. Don’t miss my meaning, here: this movie will be lousy. My excitement for it will vanish the moment I see its trailer. But as a concept—as a, “hey, guys…what movie should we make next?” kind of idea—it’s awe-inspiring.

It’s also encouraging to know that there is no shortage of catchy numerical suffixes available to convey “futurism” still available to us, the way that “2000” did before 2000 started to represent the past. “Twenty-one ten” rolls off the tongue in a way ideally suited for a movie, book, or video game title. It’s not as appropriate for products: “Seal-A-Meal 2110” doesn’t have quite the same ring. Fortunately, we still have “3000” to fulfill that need.


One thought on ““Zorro 2110″… Coming to Theaters?

  1. There is a script that a friend wrote about the descendent’s of De La Vega or something. I read it, it’s unbelievably good. Too bad he never wanted to publish it or even get it out there.

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