What’s really missing from the iPad.

There is, of course, endless speculation about what the iPad should have had, and why it will be an abject failure because of [your favorite feature]’s absence. “Video camera” seems to be the #1 cited omission. No doubt videoconferencing via iPad would be nice, but hey, I don’t even know that many people that video chat, so I’m not sure how something used by so few people could be considered essential.

There’s one feature omission that everyone seems to have forgotten about: multi-user.

Without multi-user capability, whose bookmarks are going to be in Safari, mine, or my wife’s? Whose usernames and passwords will get saved? Whose schedule will be in the calendar app? Contacts in the Address Book? You get the idea. Without multi-user, most of the built-in apps will be, by necessity, useless, filled with data that’s not yours.

The good news is that multi-user requires just a software upgrade; maybe we’ll see it when iPhone 4.0 comes along. Until then, my iPad will be used about 50% less than it should be.


4 thoughts on “What’s really missing from the iPad.

  1. For another $500 you can have multi-user features..

    It does seem odd that the iPad has such potential as a simple computer, but it is limited to being a fancy iPod.

    1. I don’t agree; I think if you watch the demo of the iPad iWork Suite, it’s impressive what can be done. Those apps have the potential (note the use of the word “potential”) to be considerably better than Office apps on PC or Mac. And I find that exciting.

  2. This is the same as with the iPod in the beginning a device you could not share with others as your content was restricted to your computer and iTunes. Now this device will consume the user at it’s best. with the help of some word of mouth, apple marketing, and especially their lack of marketing (read secrecy) blogs and social media networks – will talk for them – will make sure that not only the non holiday quarters will do good but the holiday season will feature skyrocketing sales!

  3. Hey Greg! Long time no see. Your name came up among some Pixar folk and I had to say hello again! Let’s see, as for multi-user on the ipad? I say that’ll be coming in June or July. I totally agree. I want to be able to hand it off to a friend or relative without them bumping into my salacious porn pictures in the photo section. Hope you’re doing well and that I’ll see your posters all over the Disney Anaheim Universe soon.

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