Join us May 19 for a Disney event: THE ROAD TO ‘TOMORROWLAND’

Are you a Disney fan? (And do you live near Portland, Oregon?) Then please, come join us for a very special event: THE ROAD TO TOMORROWLAND.

We’ll show incredible highlights from Disneyland TV specials that inspired the new Brad Bird movie TOMORROWLAND: clips from Man In Space, Our Friend The Atom, and more. Then we’ll take you on a tour of the 1964 World’s Fair…then on to Walt Disney’s utopian “Florida Project”…in all, over two hours of beautiful mid-century animation, optimism, and awesomeness.

It’s an amazing way to immerse yourself in the retro-future with some like-minded fans…not to mention, great background for the new movie!

How to attend

Even though we’ve rented a small theater, seating is limited to 19 people. Please email us in advance to reserve a spot.

when: Tuesday, May 19, 8pm-11pm.

where: Indigo Twelve West, 430 SW 13th Avenue, downtown Portland.

Hosted by

Alex Pasco, Louie Mantia, and Greg Maletic of the Golden Horseshoe Review: everyone’s favorite Disney Parks podcast!